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CPA - GT/CPA Düse...


...problemlos durch Patz Düsen zu ersetzen und von Laidlaw Drew empfohlen!

Pressemeldung der Firma Laidlaw Drew (Originaltext engl.)


Laidlaw Drew is now offering a new oil atomiser for use with underport burners. The nozzle, called a Patz atomiser after its inventor, produces 30% less NOx and uses significantly less atomising air than the well known CPA atomiser. The atomiser is compatible with the Laidlaw Drew GT type underport burner system and is a direct replacement for the CPA. It retains some of the features of the CPA such as cooling of the internal components by the atomising air, simplicity of assembly, predictable performance, low maintenance and long life. The design of the atomisers means that the oil passages are self-cleaning and the oil spray leaves the final orifice in such a way that there is less tendency for oil and carbon to build up on the front face, thus further reducing maintenance and improving repeatability. The range of capacities is from 25 to 7501/h. The maximum oil pressure is 2.7 bar and atomising pressure is between 1.6 and 2.6 bar. The burners have been tested on several furnaces and the results of one of these trials are shown below. The tests were carried out on a cross-fired regenerative furnace pulling between 286 tonnes/day and 335 tonnes/day, with a total fuel consumption of between 10401/h and 13801/h of heavy fuel oil. The tests covered a period of 26 days. The furnace is normally fired with Laidlaw Drew CPA atomisers with which the Patz atomiser was compared under similar operating conditions. The results of these trials are summarised below and are based on an average of ten days. It can be seen that there is a reduction in NOx of 20% using the Patz atomiser and a reduction in atomising air consumption of 30% compared with the Laidlaw Drew CPA. Maintenance of the Patz atomiser was less than for the CPA. Energy efficiency GJ/tonne remained the same for both atomisers and glass.


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